Product Review: Nature’s Logic Dog & Cat Feasts

nature's logic yum review

Santa came a little early this holiday season and all of the furries (feline and canine) got to try some of Nature’s Logic products. They were a hit!

Disclosure: We received complimentary samples of Nature’s Logic in exchange for our honest opinion in this review. As always, we only sample items that fit with our lifestyle and from companies that encourage genuine feedback in reviews.

As always, I was hoping that Murphy was going to latch onto these as “the” solution to his finicky’ness, but alas — he ate it about as well as he eats anything. (Note … we’re going to explore food allergies now vs true pickiness but we’ll post about that separately.) The kitties LOVED the rabbit feast blend they tried. I gauge their love by both their excitement at the bowl before setting it down (lots of talking!) and the residual in the bowl 30m after feeding (none!)

Canine Venison Feast & Feline Rabbit Feast (both canned)

The thing that stood out to me with the canned feasts is their density. Nature’s Logic uses no artificial thickeners and guarantees a maximum of 72% moisture, well below the 78% allowed by the industry. Nature’s Logic website indicates that density varies but cans often hold only 65% moisture.  And it shows! The product is thick, without any of the excess water you often find in other brands.

Canine Venison Feast Dry Kibble

As noted above, the kibble was happily eaten by both Liv & Enzo, with Murphy engaging sporadically. The size of kibble was medium. Little Liv (7lbs) will not eat kibble if it’s too large, but she didn’t have any problems with this blend.

nature's logic pros


  • All nutrients in Nature’s Logic Food come from real whole food sources, not synthetic manufacture.
  • 8 different protein source blends, allowing for rotation if taste boredom is a problem with your pup
  • Over 90% animal ingredients (canned) / 55% kibble
  • No hydrolyzed protein (and thereby no inadvertent MSG)
  • Gluten-free (both canned & kibble) / Grain-free (canned)
  • Comfort in knowing that Nature’s Logic takes no shortcuts in providing high quality, nature driven pet food
  • Manufactured in the heartland (and the home of Mom’s alma mater – Lincoln, Nebraska – Go Big Red!)


  • Cost – Depending on the protein source, the canine per can price can range from $2.75 – $5.00 [according to 12/21/16 pricing on]. The feline per can range is $1.60 – $2.45.  These are big cans however, 13.2oz for canine, and 5.5oz for feline. It won’t be for every budget or breed (size), but it’s a fantastic solution for the doting pet parent looking for a quality food with a variety of known protein sources.
  • Thickness – This was listed as a pro, but depending on the use, it can also be a con. If you’re looking to use canned food as a mixer with dry food (adding water), it’s a tough mix. I think the water content (or lack thereof) is more pro than a con, but just in case you’re looking for a wet food to use as a mixer- you’ll have to put in some elbow grease to make these canned foods dilute.

nature's logic #likeandfeedCommunity Efforts

I also wanted to share a new program Nature’s Logic has launched that will donate $1 worth of food to their shelter fund for every 2 new page likes they receive on Facebook or followers on Instagram. They won’t stop giving until they reach their donation goal of $10,000 worth of food, that’s amazing! Post a picture of your shelter pet, use #LikeandFeed and tell them where they should donate the kibble!

Thanks to Nature’s Logic for supporting the rescue community!

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