Guess What Chicken Butt??

We’ve discovered the joy of PawTree!  PawTree is a small (but growing) pet brand that is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of pets (and their people) through high quality food, treats and impactful supplements.

Our (current) favorite product of PawTree’s is their Paw Pairings… which we affectionately call dog & kitty crack. Paw Pairings is a tasty super food sprinkle (freeze dried food, fruits, vegetables and vitamins) that you dust over your pet’s existing kibble, to give it an extra yummy flavor boost that they simply can’t resist. The best part? There are FIVE different flavors, so you can say goodbye to your pets boredom at meal time! Murphy has been partaking in these since early June and he’s FINALLY consistently eating his food. Yay PawTree!

Message us if you’d like more information, or check-out the embedded site below (We recommend you start with the big blue “take a look” button!) We really can’t say enough good things about the products we’ve tried so far, and we’d love to share our experiences with you!!

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