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Expertise (and Caveats)

I (Tami, the Crazy human) am an animal enthusiast. I love them. I understand them. AND I’ve been known to whisper to them. I am an expert pet parent, a rock star pet sitter, and a devoted rescue advocate. I am also a well-educated and experienced business professional who left the comfort of corporate America to strike out in pursuit of my passions and happiest life. I have taken courses in dog and cat behavior, and pet first aid/cpr BUT…

…I am NOT a licensed animal behaviorist or a certified pet trainer. I am also not a veterinarian or a vet technician. Any information shared within this site should not supercede nor substitute for the guidance of aforementioned professionals. I always seek to be clear on what falls under opinion and what can be considered to be fact or science. In the latter instance, you will see links/footnotes to the source/s so you can further investigate for yourself and make the best decisions for your beloved pet.


Product/Service Reviews

Reviews typically include some sort of paid compensation, free product or in kind service but will always be noted as such. This does NOT impact the integrity of the reviews, nor does it influence us to review/test a product. We will only review products and services that we believe our readers/followers will genuinely be interested in learning about.

Affiliate/Partner Relationships

When we absolutely love a product or service, we may choose to pursue an affiliate/partner relationship with the offering company. As such, links may be used throughout the site that would result in a commission payment if items are ultimately purchased using these links. As with reviews, we ONLY establish these relationships with companies that we adore, and with whom we also spend our own hard-earned dollars.

The Community

We’ve designed to be a welcoming and inclusive community. We are all crazy pet parents in some form or fashion so all judgments and criticisms need to be left at the figurative door. To this end, we require initial comments on our site to be moderated. If subsequent posts are deemed negative or unnecessarily critical, comments will be deleted and the user will be blocked from future commenting. Again, we want to be a community where crazy pet parents come together, share new ideas, and inspire each other to be their best crazy selves.


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